Misunderstanding with folder formats

I think I'm probably doing something wrong here. I'm trying to apply folder formats to my music folder and it's subfolders, but it's not working the way I want.

Path structure is lib://Music/Artist/Album. What I want:

  • Music: display set to thumbnails, plus some column and sorting rules.
  • Artist: display set to thumbnails, no other changes
  • Album: display set to power mode, no other changes

I have a Path format set for Music, which is not inherited by subfolders. I have Wildcard Path Formats set for lib://Music/* and lib://Music/*/*. I have automatic folder formats turned off.

What I'm getting is thumbnails for Music, then power mode for Artist and Album.

If I disable the format for lib://Music/* and set the format for lib://Music to be inherited, then Artist and Album are both displayed as thumbnails, even though the format rule for Album is still active.

Am I doing something wrong here? I'd expect that a child's rule should override a parent's rule, if inheritance is set, which is my take on Leo's advice in this older thread on the same sort of issue.

Additional info: if I navigate to the Music folder using it's real path, C:/Storage/Music, then the formatting set in the rules using the lib:// paths is not applied and I get my default lister formatting. I don't mind this behaviour, so I haven't duplicated the folder formats for the real paths, and don't intend to. I only care about it when using the Windows library.

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On a quick try it does appear like there's an issue here, as I see the same as you. We'll get it looked at.

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