Modifications to Descript.ion files with Copy, Move, Delete,

Hello Dopus,

It's wonderful that Dopus 8 supports the very old Descript.ion folders and their contents.

Preferences > Folders > Options Tab -> checkbox "support 'descript.ion' file comments system"
And the sub checkbox that controls the descript.ion folder's visibility in Dopus.

I'm wondering if this feature can be easily updated in a future release to modify and/or create descript.ion files
that in theory would result from a Copy, Move, Delete ( on the fly, without a Dopus restart ) or Rename.

I've had mixed results with Delete. It worked once , but with older entries it didn't.

Of course a button could be made to this. One would only need a command line program to accomplish the text file alterations.

It would be far better though if it was simply supported .
Even very old versions of command processor replacements such as JPSoft support this .
However, this is a different world, and I'm still very surprised and happy to see that it's there!

John Zehman posted this button to create Descript.ion files while ago.

Tooltip=Enter your own description for selected files

Oh Yes, Porcupine is dead.
He chewed up too much camping equipment,
made too much noise during the night,
and some ignorant Redneck shot him.

                           Racoon  :opusicon:

What are you talking about?

The descript.ion files update here whenever I rename, copy or delete a file.

You do need to turn on:

Preferences - File Operations - Copying(1) - Preserve the description of copied files