Modified date/time not updating?

DOV10.5.2.0 (4913) Windows 8 x64

A feature I use most often is to sort on the field 'Modified' to quickly get to files I recently edited. The problem I continually run into is that the 'Modified' date/time has NOT been updated from the edit date/time. I have searched options and can't find a parameter that addresses this (but there are a lot of parameters). I also searched the FAQs and discussion forum but maybe I missed something.

By comparison Windows 8 File Explorer lists the correct date/time of the last edit of files.

An example: I edited the file "finances.xlsx" today at 3.59pm and File Explorer lists this correctly but DO lists 'Modified' of the same file as 29th May at 11.16am


If you press F5 in Opus does the date update?

Thanks Jon, yes, that worked perfectly. But after I searched the Help, there is no clear association of F5 with this file update function. As far as I can see, it is associated with searches. Did I miss something?

This begs the question on why the F5 function should be needed at all for my context? My strong desire would be to NOT have to press F5 to ensure that file properties were always up-to-date. Anyway, to at least have an option where this function would be automatically applied on any file property change?

F5 refreshes the folder display, it doesn't have anything to do with dates specifically. And it shouldn't be needed, asking you to try that was simple a step in trying to work out what's going on. What it indicates is that Opus didn't notice the files being modified. So now the question is, where are the files located - on a local drive, or on a network? And is this behaviour reproducible?

The files are on a local drive and in a few cases, an SD card in the front of my PC. The issue is reproducible as I have been running into this issue now for months with a suite of files that I regularly update, most are on the SD card which is permanently attached as drive S:\

If it's happening on the local drive as well as the SD card that is strange; if it only happens on the SD card then it would be less surprising (although still a problem, of course).
Could you please keep an eye on it and see if it actually does happen on the local drive?

Also you could try the suggestions in the Changes to folders are not being detected FAQ to see if anything there helps.


Settings were all as required. Changing the content of the test Excel file on the local E:\ drive seemed to update 'Modified' immediately. I'll need to run some more checks tomorrow on a few other files to see if I can detect different outcomes on the E:\ vs. SD (S:) drive.