Modify file creation date/time

Hi - I have found Leo's "Now" button (thanks!) and the commands for modifying file dates, but can't find any posts as to how to change the file creation date. (My camera date reverted to 2004, and I want to correct a bunch of files!) Can this be done in DOpus?


You can use the Set Attributes command to do that. By default it is the second-last button on the main toolbar. It's also in the default File -> File Commands menu.

I made an user command for that task, SetAttr created, with the files marked i can use that from the CLI.

Thanks guys - now why couldn't I find that myself?? :slight_smile:

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How about some automation (button) to use "SetAttr META createdate"? How this may "extract" the initial 8 characters from a filename (e.g. 20170131_xxxxxx.jpg) and use them as the Creation Date attribute, plus setting the Creation Date time to 00:00? (as a flag to indicate manual change of the Creation Date!)

You could do that using a script, and I think leaving it to scripts makes sense since the date and/or time formats people use, and where they are in the filenames, will vary greatly.

An example script which already does this for a slightly different date format, and modified rather than created timestamps, can be found here, and can be adjusted to do what you need: