More comparison methods for duplicates


I've seen some dated posts asking adding very specific comparison modes to identify duplicate files. I'm interested in a more general approach, allowing to select any (combination of) format-specific meta-data as comparison criteria. For example, I'd like to consider images with exactly the same "date taken" as duplicates, even if their names of MD5 do not match (maybe because a copy was resized).

Is something like that planned? If not, is that a functionality that could be added via a plugin?


You could probably write a script which did it outside of the duplicate finder, although it might be a bit crude in terms of how it displayed the results.

I'm not sure how it would work within the duplicate finder, since calling a script NxN times to check every single file against every single other file could get very slow, but would be needed in the most general case at least.

Right, that does not seem to be a very elegant solution. So as writing a plugin for this is not possible, would you consider this as a future improvement of Opus?

Of course, we keep in mind everything suggested on the forum. When/if we add it will depend on if we get any similar requests, or happen to do work on the same area where it's easy to add it at the same time.

BTW, in general, is there some kind of (semi-)public roadmap of accepted feature requests?

We tend not to announce things until we're ready or close to ready to release them, otherwise people get upset when plans change.