More information on copy/move progress windows


When having multiple copy/move progress windows up at the same time, you can't really tell which one relates to which copy/move you had kicked off... as it only shows the current file being worked on.
Would be better if it could show the initial copy/move criteria statically within each progress window... so that when you want to cancel one, you know exactly which one you're cancelling.
ie: "Copying from d:\photos\2004 to e:\rework" someplace near the top of each progress window.

Thanks. :smiley:


The copy / move window is flawed.

Instead of showing OVERALL progress, it averages the above progresses. BAD.

Copy / move should calculate TOTAL BYTES and show time in realtime. It's completely useless to see a blue bar flashing in front of me hundreds of times per second, when I'm copying 2-3 thousand files, WITH NO AVERAGE SPEED AND NO TARGET TIME.

I realize that the average is calculated on a 1-2 second time basis. But that requires large files. With drives achieving 50-60 megabytes per second, it's virtually impossible.

Please change this computation. It's easy to add all bytes and keep dividing it by time (estimating throughput and time left).

Thank you.

It's true that the progress dialog only calculates/updates speed measurements, and thus time remaining measurements as well, when it copies a file large enough to take a second or two to copy. If you're copying thousands of tiny files Opus won't ever calculate a speed (and the entire copy operation is pretty much bound by how fast the filesystem can create files and set their attributes).

However, Opus will calculate the total size to be copied and will count this down correctly, even with lots of small files. Make sure you have turned on Preferences, File Operations, Copying (2), Count files in folders before copying.

The option below will also control when the "big" progress dialog, with overall progress display, is shown versus "small" dialog which only shows the current file.