More Location field weirdness in Search results

There is definitely something fishy with the way the relative location field behaves in panes showing search results. Here is what I can see:

  • If I perform a Search in some folder once, for the first time, the location column shows relative folder locations as requested.
  • However, if I then go back (by using the Back button, or simply clicking on the "X" in the Search box), and repeat the exact same search, in the same folder again, the location column will now, and from then on, always give the full path. It doesn't matter what I search for from then on, I will always get the full path listed.
  • If I now switch to a different folder and perform another search, I will again get relative path names the first time I perform a search. Just as before, however, any search after the first one will again produce full pathnames in the Location column.

Looks like a bug to me...

Confirmed. It's on our list.