More than two windows open at a time in one lister? Help

How am I able to display 3+ windows at the same time? Right now, in dual pane, commander, and all the other styles, I can't seem to open more than two at once. I want about 5 at the same time, and I want to be able to resize them using the diagonal drag (in the corner), like I can do with AC Browser. I don't just want tabs, I want to see all 5 at once. Do I have to open three different instances of a lister in order to do this?

Also, second question, is there a plugin similar to Text-File (which shows a thumbnail sized preview of the contents of a text file), but with .pdfs and also HTML/HTM files (it would not show the code of the html, but rather what it would look like if opened in a browser [in a thumbnail version])?
In the viewers list, I have both PDF ActiveX and Text enabled, but it still only shows a .PDF icon instead of the contents of the pdf like it does with a text.

So it shows the first page, or the cover, of the PDF as a thumbnail, similar to how it now does with with gifs, other images, and text files? What about movies? It does it for .mpegs, but what about .avis, or divX encoded media, or quicktime/RM files? what about .RTF or .Docs? With Text-file Thumbnail, these don't work well.

Thanks a lot for the help. From the looks of it. Directory Opus will be my new file browser (well, that may be partially contingent upon whether or not I can have more than two directory windows open in one lister.) I was using AC Browser before.

Aside: Please post separate questions in separate threads. It makes it easier for people searching for answers later on.

At the moment each top-level Opus window (or "Lister") can only have one or two directories displayed in it. If you need more then you have to open more listers.

The Layouts system can help with this by saving and restoring multiple windows, but you still have to deal with more than one window in terms of arranging and resizing things.

If you're aiming to fill the screen then the tile window commands can help arrange the windows automatically.

Go to Preferences / Listers / Thumbnails and turn on Use shell image extraction for formats Opus does not understand.

This should mean that anything which gets a thumbnail in Explorer will also get one in Opus, in addition to the formats which Opus, and its plugins, understand directly.

PDF files will get thumbnails if Adobe Reader is installed and the PDF file in question has been saved with thumbnails enabled. (So some PDF files will never get a thumbnail because of the way they were saved.)

HTML files will have thumbnails which are generated by Internet Explorer.

All of the video formats should get thumbnails, assuming they have suitable decoders installed. QuickTime files may require a DirectShow QuickTime wrapper to be installed. (If you've installed Nero Burning ROM then you probably already have such a wrapper. The slightly dubious QuickTime Alternative package also includes such a wrapper.) Check first, though, as I'm not completely sure the wrapper is needed for thumbnails to work. (It will be needed for mov file playback within Opus, Media Player, and so on, though.)

RTF and Word documents should get thumbnails, assuming you have MS Office installed. If in doubt, double-check that you see thumbnails in Explorer before worrying about Opus.