Mouse double click issue - Windows 10/Opus Pro 12.21

I am having problems with double clicking on folders in Opus. Double clicking on a folder, more often than not, will open the folder name for editing. Other times it does what I expect - opens the folder. It doesn't seem to be related to the speed of the double click and the issue is not consistent.
Trying the same thing on File Explorer, I get what I expect - a double click opens sub folders. I don't have to be too fussy about how fast I double click. To open the folder name for editing requires a very definite pause between clicks - about 0.5 secs.
I have tried various settings of double-click speed on the mouse settings but this makes no difference.
Opus is the only app that seems affected by this issue.

Which display mode(s) are you seeing this in? Are you using Power Mode? (The mouse buttons can be configured to do different things in Power Mode, which might confuse you if you're expecting the normal behavior of Details and the other modes.)

Have to plead ignorance on this. I wasn't aware of Power mode! One of the many things I have yet to discover about Opus.

You can check or change the move via the View menu on the top toolbar.

Toggling that seems to have solved it. Thanks.