Mouse gestures in opus

hi everybody , i have a little problem (in fact 2)
interfacing opus and a mouse gesture gestion
program (stroke it)

i'd like to "display this folder in the other file display"
with the mouse. and it does'nt seem to have any
button or keybord shortcut or menu shortcut to
do this.

Same thing to "open a tab in the other file display"

has anybody tried to solve this problem ?


Well, I'm assuming you can give it a command to run for a particular gesture. And by 'display this folder' I'm also assuming you mean the current folder...

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd go current openindual

...should do the trick for the first. Not sure what you mean by 'open a tab' though. A particular tab? A new tab? For instance,

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd go newtab openindual

...will open an empty tab in the 'other' lister pane.

QUESTION: Does Stroke It allow + <click and release the 'other' mouse key> actions as gestures?

great thanks i'm new in opus and just discovering
the commands.

No stroke it doesnt allow that and it's not his job.

but with opus it's a real wonder. everyone interested
by productivity SHOULD try it . As sure as Opus SHOULD
be tried by anyone interrested by productivity

thanks again

can you post your stroke-it configuration file for Dopus? That would be a good way to get it integrated... just download the profile, append it to stroke-it and use it. :slight_smile:
No need for tedious coding... plus strokeit is freeware so adding support for it shouldn't be a problem.

When i need to use right or (and) left mouse
clicks, i assign a "super macro" script to a mouse

I combine it also with wonderkeys for some special

Of course i can post my stroke-it configuration file for Dopus, but since i'm a newbie in opus (though i'm an
ancien amiga user) i'm right now just establishing
the first configuration. I've not finished to read the
doc and it for sure is going to evoluate much in a few

the file is in french but you should understand
almost everything.

well it seems to refuse the .rar i made as an attach file
(refuses mime) i try again . if it doesnt what should i do ?

Would be great to have mouse gestures support integrated in DOpus btw...

Some time ago I submited the suggestion and got a "we'll look into it"...


flytox - Tanis might let you upload it as a 'Tools download' but yeah you can't directly post it to the forum inside a topic.

leo42, who knows if they will do it, but I'm sure that they will indeed 'look into it' :slight_smile:. For the record no less than 4 features that I asked for in particular were added in the 8.1 release - so they're pretty responsive to new ideas.

Feel free to email it to me and I will place it in the downloads section.

ok i'll do it. but give me a couple of days at least to
improve the set since i just discovered Opus
3 days ago, i ain't still chosen the gestures i'm gonna

At this time i have 12 gestures , and i think that i'm eventually going to 20, but probably different. When
you practice, you change your mind in the more efficient.
You have to make choices and so on.

But i'll mail it to you no doubt in a few days. ok ?