Mouse Hotkey (Go Back/Forward)

I have 2 mouse buttons on my mouse for back and forward, which works great in Windows/Firefox and so on, but in DO nothing happens when I push them...

I have tried to assign a hotkey for that but I can not assign mouse keys only keyboard commands in "Customize -> Keys"...

How to assign mouse buttons as hotkeys?

The mouse is a Logitech VX Revolution and I am using DO 9.

Please search and check the faq before posting.

How to: Make Logitech Mid/Back/Forward buttons work in Opus

Thanks, I did search although my search term did probably not match that thread...

Everything works great now.

Edit: Is it possible to assign mouse keys as a hotkey anyway?

It's worth browsing the list of FAQs organised by category so you've got an idea of what's covered there. You might discover some cool features you didn't know about, too.

It isn't possible directly but the SetPoint drivers for your mouse allow you to assign difference mouse button commands for different programs so you could tell them to bind hotkeys to the back and forward mouse buttons and then assign those hotkeys to functions in Opus.

Use autohotkey from

You can map any keyboard/mouse key and its one of the best freeware ever made