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Mouse Right-Click

Whenever I right-click the mouse (while pointing on a folder or file) to open the sub-menu, it takes quit a while until the sub-menu opens, in that time the hour-glass symbol is on the screen. This happens when I am NOT connected to the Internet, but I noticed the net-card's icon in the systray flashing.
But when I am connected to the net and right-click the mouse then, it takes a 'year' until the sub-menu opens.

Note: Sometimes when not connected to the Internet, and to avoid this problem I just disable the network card and then everything is OK.

Is there any 'tweek' to do?
I will appreciate any help, as this is very annoing. :confused:
Thanks in advance

One of the shell context-menu extensions installed on your system is probably accessing the network whenever it's being called.

In the past I think this has been seen with one of the source-control extensions (Subversion or ClearCase or CVS) but I can't remember which one.

If you're not sure which it might be you might want to try using FileMon and RegMon to see what's going on when the network access is happening.

You can also remove some or all 3rd party items from the context menu, or move them into a sub-menu, so that the menu is both faster and more organised:

[Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus)