Move all files from complicated structure to one folder

Hi all. Not sure if this can be done in DO 9, but asking never hurts.

I have a very complicated folder structure, with thousands of files, also with subfolders, which can be many levels deep. Now, for household reasons, I would like to have all files together, in one folder. For instance, say I have a folder One, folder Two and folder Three. Can I copy / move all files from these folders (nd from their own subfolders) to one Superfolder? Of course, there are Move and Copy commands, but the thing is that the folder structure should Not be replicated. Just the files, not the folders.

Can this be done with "one push on the button"??

I have not looked too deeply in DO to find a solution, I must say, but I am so impressed by its wide range of features that just maybe this one may also be there, somewhere... If not, just scold me gently, and I won't bug y'all.

Flat View -> Mixed (No Folders)
Select all files, copy, go to the "superfolder" and choose "Same location"

DO rules! Thanks, Xbprm, that is exactly what I needed. Thanks for your very swift reply! I had not realized that "View" is actually more than, well, a view: it also makes your files follow the way you see them.

You can also use search panel to copy files selectively.