Move - Auto compare possible before deleting moved files?

I can nowhere find the option to compare the moved files, it would be nice to get this as default behaviour when moving files, so that a comparison is done to be sure the move completed successfull, and the moved items are only deleted when we'll be sure the contents are exactly the same ?

Please, nobody knows how to do this ? My primary HD is dying, and I'm copying/Comparing using Winmerge/Deleting original.

Can't this really be done in a single step as default DO move-behaviour ?

If your primary hard drive is dying I wouldn't use Opus at first, I'd using a cloning or imaging utility and attempt to salvage all that you could from the dying drive to a brand new hard drive. That was my solution a year or so ago when the hard drive in one of my machines started to die. I was able to salvage all of the programs, nearly all my data, and the only thing I had to do in Windows was to redownload SP2 for XP (apparently the part of the HD that was dying was where that SP2 data was stored).

Anyway, if you can do first that I would. And then afterwards go back and use Opus to copy what you can to yet another spare drive.

To answer your question specifically, I do not know of a way to do just what you want with Opus. Not without the use of a script anyway.

Thanks JohnZeman, I'm a registered True Image 10 user, unfortunatelly after it made a backup of a drive it craps out and tells me the backup is corrupt. On the Acronis TI forums at wildersecurity, they are aware of these flaws, and people tell me to do a restore to a spare partition to be sure the backup is working. Unfortuantelly I currently don't have enough spare place to do a disk restore. Therefor, instead of doing a backup and another restore (which takes up another 2 times the space of the original) i'd rather do a single move operation and be sure the data is the same.

Hopefully GPSoft will think about an option to make a comparison before deleting the moved contents.

Thanks anyway. :wink:

How about just use Opus Synchronize to copy everything. Then manually go back and delete the stuff you copied later? It may not be one pass, but it will surely get the job done.