Move/Copy As action does NOT add to "Recent"

I am doing a bunch of copy/moving of files using the Copy As and Move As functions.

But, even after I use the Move As function and select a directory using "Select Destination Folder", and perform the move action. If I immediately run the Move As function again, the destination folder I just used is NOT listed in the "Recent" drop-down listbox of the new "Select Destination Folder".

Am I suppose to configure the Move/Copy As function to make it push the selected destination directory to the "Recent" list?

(I am using DO 10.5)

It does here, at least in Opus 11. I don't think it's something that has changed in a long time, so I'd expect it to in Opus 10 as well, but I haven't tried that in a while.

I bet you have the "Ignore filesystem folders that are only transited" UN-checked in "Favorites and Recent" preferences...

I got the latest "Select Destination" folder to appear in the "Recent" list when I UN-checked this option. But now EVERY folder I simply browse to is being added to the recent list, which quickly pushes my last "real" destination folder off the recent list, making this method useless.

Is there a way that I can keep the "Ignore folders ....transited" checked (so it wont load up with a bunch of quickly browsed folders), but have the directory selected in "Select Destination" be added to the list?

I do, yes.

I don't think there is.

Would it be possible to include a fix for this in the next build?

The reason I am asking for a fix is that I trust you will agree that when a folder is selected as a destination for a copy or mover operation, you really can't call it a "Transited" folder at that point, so it should qualify to be added to the "Recent" list when the "Ignore folders....transited" is checked, wouldn't you agree?

That has been fixed for the next update.

Great - thanks.