Move files grouped by date or month into named subfolders


So I have a selection of files/photos dumped in one folders. Is there any standard button or one could be created to group and move them month named or date named folders , for all files either taken on the same date and/or taken during the same month. For example all item during month 12 , should be grouped and moved in a folder created either as 202012 or Dec-2020.

A couple of things that might help would be

  1. The selection for criteria whether grouping by (creation/modification) date or month
  2. The name format mask for creating date or month named folders.

Appreciate any guidance to know if such a feature exists and can be used.


If the images have date-taken tags (most from phones and digital cameras will), then you can do it like this:

Old name: *
New name: {datetaken|D#yyyyMM}\*

Alternatively, if those tags were removed for one reason or another this would work fine for most part:

New Name: {createddate|D#yyyy-MM}\*