Move or copy file without destination path (preferably via keyboard)

I am new to Dopus but have used various "commanders" since forever.

I am looking for a quick way to copy or move files to a destination without knowing the destination path/folder yet. I am puzzled if there is currently a way to do that with Dopus or if I could make it work with some scripting etc. (it's worth some extra time since I am using it a quadrillion times daily).

To easier understand what am I asking for, here an example how it works within the Thunderbird email client (this functionality is provided by various plugins).


I can hit Shift-M (move) or Shift-C (copy) and a folder selector/search is showing up. I can start typing "dopus" and it narrows the list of all my existing folders/subfolders. I select one of the folders (cursor down + enter or mouse click) and all is done. I don't have to touch my mouse or know the exact path of the folder. In the case of Dopus it would be great if I don't need to leave or change my current left and right folders...

Would something similar be possible with Directory Opus?

I am currently using cut or copy and paste the file into (voidtools) Everything window I used to find the target folder. But I'd love to do that within Directory Opus.

Are the destination folders all below a certain place, or are they potentially spread out all over the system, in multiple folders and drives?

If you use the Copy or Move buttons without a destination folder, you'll get a requester asking where you want to copy to, but you can't just type part of a folder name into it and have it find that folder anywhere on the system; you'd need to reach the target via its parents, unless it was assigned to a favorite or an alias.

But you can make menus (which can be keyboard drive), hotkeys or aliases which can help with some situations, depending on the exact needs.