Move or copy subfolder to another of same name as target parent?

I have a hundred Citrix ShareFile cloud folders for a hundred clients that I access and manipulate thru DO.

Existing folder structure is the one on the right in the image: clientname then subfolders for each year, then identically named subfolders for each type of document under each year.

I've created a new set of subfolders that are labeled with same document types as the old structure, with subfolders for each year underneath each document type.

wb great if i could somehow invert the existing folder structure instead of moving contents. but i'd be happy w just moving files to the new structure.

I need to reorganize them

The Rename command can handle complete paths, e.g.:

Rename FROM="D:\New Folder\test folder" TO="D:\test folder\extra folder\New Folder renamed"

For less vague help a less vague picture would help :wink:

Or post test cases, maybe created with this script:

I'll have an IT buddy show me how to run the script when he and i have time. Thank you for that.

instead of a hard to read redacted screen capture, here's a specific example of what i am trying to do to a bunch of folders:

path to existing subfolder containing files:
S:\Shared Folders\Citrix Clients\ClientXXXX\Tax Year 2020\workpapers

path that I what to end up with after:
S:\Shared Folders\Citrix Clients\ClientXXXX\workpapers\Tax Year 2020

Doing that for multiple

Turns out the problem I'm having is "simply" that DO is not refreshing the Citrix folders automatically as i work in them. So when i attempt to copy from one subfolder of Citrix cloud drive to another subfolder, I get an error. No problem if i hit F5 a few times before copying or moving, and afterwards.

What is the setting to automatically refresh those type of drives?

Make sure Preferences / File Operations / Options / Detect external file changes on network drives has not been turned off.

See Changes to folders are not being detected for more suggestions.

Mode: Standard Wildcard Rename
Old Name: *
New Name ..\*\{parent1}

Example before and after:

2021-10-27 10-13-06 Clipboard Image 2021-10-27 10-14-25 Clipboard Image

The basic settings are what you specify. Sounds like the problem is at the Citrix side. I'll just wait a bit and hit F5 a lot.