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Move thumbs faster in sorting


In thumbnails mode and when manual sorting is enabled,when a user want to move thumbnails to top it moves very slowly,add two hotkeys such that it goes with 1x and 2x speeds


We'll speed up this scrolling in the next update, although we can't make it go too fast or you'd always overshoot.

Note that you can still scroll using the mousewheel during drag & drop, which is often preferable to dragging things to the top or bottom.


I didn't said about scrolling but want to move thumbs faster with mouse,increase this speed


I don't know what you mean then. What are you doing exactly? What is moving slowly?

Are you changing the order the thumbnails are sorted in, or are you moving files around on the disk?


The scroll speed is perfect don't increase it
Yes,for resorting i want to move thumbs faster,add option to increase this speed while pressing a key.


When moving thumbs around in manual sort mode, by dragging them with the mouse, the thumbnail moves at the same speed you move the mouse pointer. As soon as you let go of the mouse button, the thumbnail is in the place you dropped it.

So I don't understand what you mean by "move thumbs faster".

What is slow now, if not the scrolling? Are you using something other than drag & drop to move the thumbs around? Please be specific.


In resorting,to drag them by mouse to top the speed it moves is slow


The mouse pointer moves however fast you set your mouse pointer to move. That has nothing to do with Opus.


So can't it's speed be increased by holding down a key(which has been assigned 2xspeed) while dragging?


If you're talking about how fast the list scrolls when you drag a thumbnail to the top, then we're making that faster generally.

If you're talking about something else please be more specific.

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