"Move to" and "Copy to"


I'm new to using DO, I've been trying it out for only a couple of days.

I have a problem with how DO copies/moves files. When I have at least 2 listers open, the "move to" and "copy to" buttons automatically uses the other lister as the destination. What I want is to have a dialog box show up every time so that I can choose the destination, like how explorer does it.

I've searched around a bit but I just couldn't find something relevant to my situation.


You can do this by editing the buttons in question.

[ul][li]Select Settings / Customize[/li]
[li]Right-click on the Copy Files button and choose Edit from the context menu[/li]
[li]Edit the function definition to add the arguments TO=ask$ to the Copy commands[/li]
[li]Click OK, and repeat for the Move button[/li][/ul]

Ah. Thank you. :grin: :thumbsup:

While we're at it, could you also point where I could find any detailed documentation/tutorials for these advanced editing features?
They don't seem to be included on the Help file. I'd like to learn a bit more. :wink:

This is a good place to start: https://resource.dopus.com/c/opus-faqs

It's documented in the manual's Customize section.

The tutorials area also has some introductions to toolbar editing.

You have my thanks.