Move to EXIF-dated sub folder replace when exactly identical

I have the following preset:

It stores photos into sub folders based on EXIF shooting date.

From a different source (I believe OneDrive) I downloaded photos. They are stored in 1 folder. The folder has sub Exif-date sub folders, like: \2023-07-13

I want the downloaded photos stored into the respective existing folders.

If identical photos already exist in those Exif dated subfolders then silently overwrite them.
(identical means: same name, size, date, etc.)

So, a kind of 'force overwriting' only in case of identical files.

Can that be done one way or the other?


Easiest solution: Turn on "automatically rename if new filename exists", and then use the Duplicate File Finder afterwards to remove any dupes.

Thanks! Will do so.
secretly hoping there would some sort of parameter or something that would do the trick :slight_smile:
your solution will do fine.
thanks again.

Alternative method would be to make a button which uses the Rename command's WHENEXISTS argument (plus a preset or other arguments that specify how to rename the files). Then you would not have to click Replace All on the first file.


I have never seen 'shooting time' It's not in the dropdown list of fields, and there is no Exif field named 'Shooting date'. What Exif filed(s) does it read from?

I think it's an older name (that still works) for {datetaken} (or one of the other date fields).

Thank you.