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Moved user folders do not show up in user but properly show on tree (Explorer shows them ok)


Actually I have reported this bug maybe... 2 years ago (!) and it got dismissed.
Since it is clearly an issue (and not a feature in any way) and does get in my way, I will try my luck again...

So here is the thing.
I have an SSD, so I have a habit of moving away user folders (NOT users), to other larger disks.
I mean Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Saved Games, Videos (can also move others).
NOTE this is not a hack, not a registry tweak or anything, it is done easily by Explorer itself by opening the properties of the folder and choosing another path! It actually helps you, by asking if you want to move the contents!
That is all fine.
Then DOpus behaves weird.
I attach a picture to demonstrate.

On the left is the DOpus window. You can see on the tree on the left, it shows properly ALL the user folders (including the moved ones).
In the content of my user folder though, it only shows what is actually left on my User folder in C: drive (the contents of C:\Users\nls in my case).

On the right, I have two normal Explorer windows.
On top window you can see my User folder as shown by Explorer.
It hides the fact that I have moved the folders to another disk (after all, if you see the tree on the left, it doesn't claim to show a disk folder, just my user "virtual" home).
On the bottom right windows you can see how Explorer's "This PC" shows. It shows again my user folders, irrelevant if I have moved them AND ALSO shows then in the tree on the left.

In the middle you can see the normal Explorer propertier, where I can set the path to whatever I want. This works for most user folders holding users files (not application data), including desktop!

I believe, in DOpus, when user goes to the user home folder (and not go to actual C:\Users<user>), DOpus should also show all the folders, including the moved ones, as it does in the tree on the left after all!

Again: Opening user's home folder (as it shows in the tree under Desktop) should be different than actually opening C:\Users<user> (where of course then we should see the proper filesystem contents).

Well? What do you think?

(EDIT: BTW found my original thread... it was back in 2012)


It's still the same as it was. The file display shows the real C:\Users\<username> directory, where those things which have been moved out of it no longer exist. (You'll see the same if you list the directory from a command prompt, for example, and should see the same in all programs if you navigate to that real path.)

The folder tree, at the level you're showing with the user branch directly below desktop, is a virtual folder/hierarchy and may list lots of things that aren't really in the same relationship with each other on disk in the real directories.

We aren't against implementing a virtual folder view for the User folder, but it's not something that has been done yet, and lower priority than a lot of other things. Of course, if more people ask for it then the priority will increase.

If you create shortcuts in the real user directory to the moved folders, and set Opus to sort folder shortcuts like folders, then I think that would give you the equivalent of what you're looking for. (You could also use junctions or links, but then you'd get duplicate folders in the tree and in Explorer, I think.)


Exactly, this is a discrepancy between the selected tree branch and the file display.
It can be considered a (minor) bug.

I am aware of how to go round the issue, simplest way is to simply navigate using the tree.
It's just that "it's not right" (and Explorer agrees with me).

Anyway I (barely) understand it is not a priority that cannot find a place in the fix queue for the last... 6 years (!!!).


Good morning.