Movie files "Last accessed"

Hey all,

I am looking for an idea of how to spot recently opened files.
The goal is to know which movie files I opened recently.

I tried adding the "accessed" column but it shows all files as "Monday" (not sure why Monday), though I've accessed them in various days.

another idea for example would be to color any movie file that was accessed in the last xx days.

I'm sure it's possible but not sure how to do it.

Thanks a lot

Windows doesn't reliably track that information. It used to, but it's a huge performance drain on the filesystem, and also fairly useless as so many things open files for various reasons, not just when you double-click on them. (When Windows did maintain it, it would almost always say the files were accessed a moment ago, because the act of opening the Properties dialog caused the files to be opened and inspected.)

The last accessed timestamp would do it in theory, but may only be updated occasionally or not at all, depending on Windows configuration and version. If a third-party NAS is added to the picture, it can do whatever it wants here as well.

The Windows recent list may track things, depending on how the files are opened (and by what).

I see, thank you for clarifying!

It's mostly for files loaded with VLC.
Even keeping track of the last 200 files that were accessed and stylize them would be useful, but then maybe we're talking about an external script with a database, not sure that's possible.