Moving a file to a new folder that has same name as the file

It would be a huge time saver for me to have a button that moves a file selected in the source tab to a new folder in the destination tab that has the same name as the file -- minus the extension.

Example: Source has these files:

  • Meow.jpg
  • purr.jpg
  • bark.txt

Destination folder C:\Cats

When I Select Meow.jpg and hit the button I want it to move it to C:\Cats\Meow and have it open that folder on the destination side so i can see it.

Can you give some guidance? I was searching for this situation in the scripts and i couldn't find anything like it. I'm not sure how to manipulate the folder name.

Copy MOVE CREATEFOLDER {file|noext}

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Fantastic! I didn't think it would be that easy.

Thank you for the time saver!