Moving files from tab 2 tab

with dir opus in the explorer style,I have 2 tabs open,how do I move files from one tab to another by dragging? if one tab's destination is the desktop,why can't I move files from other destinations to the desktop by dragging ?
basically whats the easiest way to move/copy files in the single pane style but with multiple tabs?
thank you.

You can either drop the files on the tab itself, or hover over the tab for a second or so and it will come to the front.

if one tab 'is' the desktop,then I cannot drag files onto the 'desktop tab'

Confirmed. Looks like DO bug.


Workaround: Go to /desktopdir instead of /desktop.

(This has many other benefits as well.)

Hi nudel - are these benefits discussed / described anywhere? Just curious.

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The main benefits come from the fact it's a real folder that Opus handles by itself rather than a virtual folder that Explorer provides the view for. The full set of Opus features are available in the real folder while Opus only has limited control over how the virtual folder looks and behaves.

Another benefit of viewing the real folder is that you only see the files in your personal desktop. You don't see stuff in the All Users desktop (which I find is usually not interesting, at least when managing files) and the view also is not cluttered up by stuff for icons like the recycle bin, computer, network, IE, and so on.