Moving files takes a lot of time

Hi, my version 12.9 looses a lot of time moving files about and refreshing the screen.
Never had this problem until version 12.7 (or about).

Do you mean the file move/copy is slow, or the program or your PC becomes slow to respond while a copy is happening?

What do you mean by "refreshing the screen" exactly? Is the screen drawing slowly, or do you mean new files/folders aren't detected and displayed as quickly, or something else? Is that only while moving/copying files?

Does the same thing happen when moving/copying with File Explorer or doing things in other software?

Has your Opus configuration changed recently, or does it point to any network drives (e.g. toolbar buttons/icons, or folders in Favorites) which are no longer accessible?

Do the types of files, or source/destination drives/machines, affect things? If it is video files, and the destination folder is open during the move, video codecs could be trying to extract dimension/duration/thumbnail details from the partially-written files, which causes problems with some poorly written codecs. If it is archives or installers, antivirus could be scanning the files and slowing things down.