Moving floating toolbar to another computer

i made a floating toolbar on my desktop which has a monitor with a standard aspect ratio. i moved it to my laptop, which is widescreen.

now, the toolbar won't conform to my widescreen monitor. if i add a spacer that is set to Full Width and add items to the right of it, it doesn't push them to the right side of my screen, it only goes to where my other screen would have ended.

also, even though it's docked, after editing it the toolbar gets chopped off at the same imaginary line.

do i need to rebuild a new toolbar for my widescreen monitor or can i somehow fix this?

Full-Width spacers don't work in floating toolbars at the moment.

I'm not sure that full-width spacers make sense with non-docked floating toolbars. Growing the right-edge of the toolbar so the toolbar is as wide as the screen or touches the right edge of the screen, when the left edge is floating and the toolbar may be dragged around and on to other monitors (that may be a different size), seems odd.

It would be nice if full-width spacers worked with docked toolbars, though. i.e. So that you can have buttons which are aligned to the right. (The toolbar itself is always full width so it's just about pushing the buttons around and not resizing anything.)

Normal spacers -- i.e. ones that are not set to Full-Width -- work fine in both cases. So if you want a full width spacer you can use a normal spacer and resize it appropriately.