Moving scrollbars when downloading

If I am downloading a file from the web I get 2 problems which I can't seem to resolve. The first is trying to control the windows scrollbars. If I have a lot of files already in a folder and wish to move the scrollbar down to items off the bottom of the screen DOpus wont let me drag the bar, or if it does it shoots back to the same position before I get a chance to do anything. I can manage to get round that a bit by highlighting the lowest entry and it does at least let me move down that far but then it all happens over again. I have the option to re-format the directory on changes off by the way.

The other problem I get is at the same time the column nearest to the scrollbar has the background turn black.

Any ideas please?

If it makes any difference I'm at 1280x1024 true colour 32bit on a tft screen using NVidia GeForce4 ti4200

Thanks - alad

This happens when downloading just a single file? At normal download speeds (e.g. broadband)?

Are any other programs affected?

Does it still happen if you toggle the option you mention?

Have you got the latest drivers for your graphics card, modem/network-card and motherboard? (e.g. With some USB ADSL modems there have been driver issues where when downloading with them they hose the rest of the system, but fixed with driver updates.)

Thanks for your response

I have all the latest drivers for everything on my pc.

It happens when downloading through broadband (1.5mb) when the memory or cpu are being greatly used in the background (ie not until the pc has been in use for a while)

No other progs are affected in this way although there is a general slowdown if the broadband connection is being heavily used (even though I've got 1gig ddr, 2600 intel P4)

It seems as though the scroll bar is being dragged back to the point it was at before I tried to move it - it just shoots back up or sometimes wont even drag down and the column nearest the scrollbar turns black