Moving USB export licence to another SSD

Many apologies if this is explained somewhere, and I failed to spot it.

We have been running Opus 12 on a single licence with 2 export licences: these we have been using on 2 external USBs (SSD). One of the SSDs has become corrupted (including the Opus 12 installation, as far as I can see). I was running it on this now-corrupt SSD, under PortableApps. After deciding to move it to the new SSD, I mistakenly copied it from the old SSD to the new SSD, as part of the process of moving all the PortableApps across. Realising that was the wrong thing to do, I have now deleted it from both SSDs, and will start again. We still have the registration number and the exe file from our original purchase a couple of months ago.

I would be very grateful for any advice/instructions about how to install Opus 12 on the new SSD, using our existing registration, please. I tried a straight re-installation with the exe file, but the certification isn't valid.

Many thanks, and best wishes,
Daniel and Clare Gordon

You'd just need to re-export Opus to the new portable drive, from a normal install.

(If you don't have Opus installed normally on a machine, you'll need to do that in order to export Opus to the portable drives, and to update those exports in the future.)