Moving web pages saved by IE (HTM file & _FILES folder)

Select "{file|noext}_files" EXACT

This works in win 64, vista 32, but not in vista 64.
There i get the message

It's very unlikely that there would be a difference in how the code behaves on Vista 64 if it's behaving correctly on both Win7 64 and Vista 32.

Are you sure you're using the same version of Opus on all three machines? (i.e. The same version number, like, ignoring 32-bit vs 64-bit.)

Is the problem caused by something unusual in the filenames or paths used on one of the machines, rather than something to do with the version of Windows?

I used the same files, same result. Then i updated on vista 64 from to (on the other systems already has been)
----- now it works as desired. Thanks