MP3: embedded covers won´t show in Dopus in some cases


Why is that? Most pictures will be shown, but here i found an example, where Winamp will display the covers, while in Dopus it won´t. Are there different types of those pics, causing this?

By the way, i always wondered about this, will the size of an MP3 file change, when including covers? Perhaps it will not necessarily, because of some reserved blank space included?! A file with 10 kB containing zeros might be as large as one filled with ones. :question:

If you post an example file we can take a look at it :slight_smile:

Hi Jon,

hm, i was trying to attach the zip (containing the mp3) here in the PM, but the message says the box is full. I emptied the sent box (the other 3 boxes are also empty), but still the same. :confused:
Zip size is 846 kB. Maybe there is some additional space needed for a header? It had to be downsized anyway, in order to be under 1 MB.

But i think i know, what the difference is. MP3s, where art work is shown, have about maybe 17001700, those that don´t show in Dopus only under 200200. So removing the small covers & replacing them by larger images possibly would solve this. I can retry posting the file in the afternoon, though.


I doubt it is the resolution. I've got some files with 1000x1000 covers which show fine and I'm fairly sure Opus just extracts the images and treats them like any other.

Given the wide variety in tag formats and implementations, and bugs/quirks in many implementations, as well as the various different types of cover images (image formats and also the flags which say what the images represent, e.g. maybe Opus will ignore images tagged as a photo of the "Live Performance") my guess is it's to do with the tags so a test file is the only sensible thing to look at.

You can use rapidshare or dropbox or one of the many file sending services if you're having trouble attaching the file. Or just email it to me and I'll send it on to Jon (

Currently there's a 256kb size limit on your private message storage area. There are no such limits on normal topic attachments - you should be able to attach the mp3 file here.

As i already saw this issue, here two identical mp3 with identical image in tag.
The only difference is I used for the first one the freeware ID3-TagIT and for the second the shareware Tag&Rename

Image in tag is visible when it is attached with ID3-TagIT, but is invisible when attached with Tag&Rename

I see the covers for both files, but then again the last time there was an issue with T&R covers not showing I could also see them when others couldn't, for some strange reason. (See here.)

I've passed the file to GPSoftware so they can take a look anyway. Last time they were able to repro the problem even though I wasn't so maybe this will be similar.

Ah... :slight_smile: I just noticed that only one of the two thumbnails has the MP3 icon overlaid, and also if I view the files inside of the zip, instead of extracting it, then I only see the left thumbnail.

It turns out that the Opus MP3 plugin is passing on the file, and then the shell (i.e. Explorer or some shell extension I have installed) is generating the thumbnail. If I disable shell image extraction then I only get the left thumbnail.

so, here´s it on Rapidshare. ... t.mp3.html


Thanks! We'll have a fix for this in the next version.