MP3 's don't play in view pane

although the player displays in the view pane for MP3 ... clicking the play button doesn't do anything .. 10.0.1 64bit

Which player is it using? It'll say at the top of the viewer pane.

Windows Media player ...

I checked that off in Activex and added MP3 to the list ... that works

Is there a preferred way ? I don't know why it was unchecked to begin with.

my preferred way is to let all audio and video files be handled by the WinMediaPreviewHandler. I've deactivated both the Movie Viewer Plugin and the ActiveX Plugin. On my old Winxp system this works only because i have installed K-Lite Codec Pack Full.

this is no-nonsense info but my 2 cents :wink:

The defaults should work for most systems, but use whatever works on yours. So long as the audio plays it doesn't really matter.

I had this working under generic activex until recently and it failed again.. still works under windows media plugin.

Generic activex displays a black screen saying "windows media player" which I don't remember showing in DOpus9.

The PLAY button simply doesn't do anything. 64 bit

That's what WMP's ActiveX looks like, and has always looked like. Mostly black (that's where the video would be, but there's no video with an MP3) except for the playback controls at the bottom.

If you run WMP itself, is it able to play the same file?

yes it is

Sometimes assigning MP3 to WMP (then later back again, after seeing if it worked at all) makes things work again (since it seems to make WMP re-establish the relevant registry settings for the ActiveX control).

Info on how to try that is in this faq: HOW TO: Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus

If that doesn't work, I'm not sure why the WMP ActiveX control wouldn't be able to play the files when WMP itself can. You could try turning on the WMP preview handler instead (via Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Plugins and the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin there); the preview handler is not as good as the ActiveX, though, since you have to manually push play for each file. (Unless you want it that way, of course.)

I tried switching the association back to WMP .... it was jetaudio ... but that didn't help.

I will go back to using the WMP plugin I guess.