Mp3disc metadata

I am using an mp3 tag writing program (Tag n Rename as it happens) to set metadata on music files.

I use the common convention for numbers of disks in a multi disc CD package of

actual disc number/Total disk number e.g. 5/9

If I examine the metadata of a music track in Exiftool I get a correct report of the disc number.

However if I ask Opus to display the mp3disc data the result is 5

i.e.The / and the 9 are not reported.

This makes it impossible to calculate where tracks sit in a disc set, as I can never recover the the actual total of discs in the set.

Or am I missing something blindingly obvious?

I just tested it using the Dopus metadata editor and it works for me, so the problem is possibly with Tag n Rename:

Are you using the correct column?


@ blueroly
Many thanks for checking. I think you are correct and the problem lies with the tag editor. I will investigate.

I am using the correct metadata field

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I had some discussions with the programmer of Tag&Rename a few years ago (sadly, he seems to have vanished and the program appears to be abandonware...). Anyway, he explained that to accommodate all of the different ways that people liked to use the Disc No. field, he treats it as a text field rather than a numeric field. So 5/9 is actually text "5/9" in T&R while most applications view that field as number, so the field in programs like DO is just 5.


Thanks for that. I could probably cope with that by changing the code in my macro, but the solution seems even simpler. Save the IDv32 tags in ASCII instead of Unicode.

All seems fine now. Sorry to hear that Tag n Rename may be abandonware, it's a neat little program. I did get an upgrade not that long ago and Softpointer are still selling it - even indicating that version 4 may be on the way.

try tagscanner its free and great