Mpg not working in movie viewer

mpeg (both mpeg & mpg extensions) files are not getting picked up by the movie viewer--other formats such as avis & mp4s are fine. If I try to force an mpeg to the movie viewer, it still shows it as text. If I disable all plug-ins except movie, the viewer window stays blank.

Just curious, can Windows Media Player play the files?
If so then i've no idea why DOpus wouldn't play them, they work fine here. If not then you probably don't have right codec installed.

Mpegs play fine in several apps. The puzzling part is that the viewer doesn't attempt to play them.

Sounds like a problem with the video codecs you have installed. I've found some which work in Windows Media Player but which don't work in Opus nor in Media Player Classic, and others combinations of working/notworking as well. I don't know why but reliable, working video codecs seem to be hard to write. :frowning:

Removing any unneccessary codecs from your system is often a good idea but if that doesn't work (or isn't applicable), you might want to try (re-)installing an MPEG codec to ensure it's properly registered and so on.

I think FFDShow will handle MPEG files but I'm not sure if it's the best codec to suggest; in fact, I've had problems with recent versions and WMV playback, although I'm not sure it is actually to blame.

All the mpgs I'm referring to work in WMP, Zoom Player, WINDVD etc. The probrem seems to be that the movie plugin doesn't even try to "view" mpegs.

My HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mpegfile was missing a CLSID entry--thanks for your help. I found the problem with regmon--I had been through it several times but missed that difference between avifile and mpegfile.

Thanks for the comments.

Can someone post more details about this registry problem so I can try the fix myself?