MS-DOS Batch Function question

In Dopus 10 I have created a toolbar button using the MS-DOS Batch Function.
I entered a "java -jar ... " command in the window and indeed when I click on the button the java command is executed as desired.
However then I added a new command (a "Set CLASSPATH= ...") ahead of the java command. When I click on the button what seems to happen is that the Set command gets executed, but the java command does not. It looks like the MS-DOS Batch function only executes a single dos command ???. That wouldn't seem to make any sense however. I searched for advice on this topic and ran into a reference about a Batch function mode that allows multiple commands to run, however I searched thru the preferences sections carefully and I didn't see anything that looked like that.

Set is also an Opus command, so you need to add @externalonly to ensure that it's the MS-DOS Set command which gets run instead, like this:

Set is also an Opus command, so you need to add @externalonly

Thanks Leo ... indeed this fixed my problem.
Seems strange that set (whatever it does) prevents the rest of the commands from running, not that I need to know why :slight_smile:

Also did you select "Standard Function" by mistake to make your screen shot. I tried that to see if it would do anything different, but the button no longer seemed to do anything. So I switched back to "MS-DOS function".


It was probably an invalid use of the internal Set command, causing the command to abort.

If you want to know what the internal Set command does, see the Reference section at the back of the manual.

Yes, it was just a mistake. I didn't think to change the drop-down when making the example screenshot.

Would be handy if there was some indication that an error occurred or that the set command was not valid.
The same issue had me stumped for a bit.