MTP external SD card folders appear twice in tree

Folder tree for external SD card is doubled.

screenshoot :

Only happened for root External SD Card. My device (P990) have internal and external SD Card

Does that only affect the folder tree (left panel) and not the file display (right panel)?

Is it reproducible, even if you fully exit Opus and then restart it? (Don't just close the Opus window(s). See the guide I linked to if you're not sure how to completely exit.)

What does Windows Explorer show for the same device and SD card?

  1. Yes is reproducible even I close dopus from system tray, restart windows.
  2. It's only affected folder tree (left panel). File display show every folder once

  3. Only External SD affected

I forgot something, only 'LOST' and 'LOST.DIR' which not duplicated in my external SD

What do you see in Windows Explorer?

Screenshot for windows explorer:

It's also doubled. Does this mean the bug come from windows ?

The double folders must be coming from either Windows or the device itself.

I see, ok may be I will try to change my ROM some time later. For now I will ignore these folders.

OK this is ROM related BUG... Just upgraded the phone and it's fixed by itself