MTP: something broke between 12.15.1 and 12.15.2

In 12.15 or 12.15.1, I can double-click on an MTP drive and see the contents.
In 12.15.2, when I double-click, nothing happens. Instead I have to select the pull-down arrow.

The animated screenshots below show the problem.

Before: Working (12.15 and 12.15.1)

Now: Broken (12.15.2)

Very similar to what i reported here:

12.5 or 12.15?

12.5 or 12.15?

Ha, I wrote it all wrong!
It's 12.15… Thank you for pointing that out!
Edited the top post.

Thanks, fixed in 12.15.3.

Thank you Jon!!!
Confirming that it's working on my side in 12.15.3.

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