MTP synchonization not working


I have a problem related file synchronization using MTP (from android device) to my local hard drive. First I already done searching and found : [url]MTP Sync Compare Not Working] which have similar problem. I decided to create a new post because I have a different abnormalities and different system setup.

My System Setup:
OS: Win 7 64-bit using Directory Opus (30 january 2013 edition)
Phone: LG Optimus 2X (P990) as MTP device
Android Version: CyanogenMod 10 Based

My phone properly detected by directory opus, access by mtp:// also working perfectly (slow reading if there is a lot of files). Now I want to sync my backup files:

Source: mtp://LG-P990/SD Card/....
Destination: D:\Android Related\....

Mode: One way copy
Options: Delete files from destination that doesn't exist in the source

Before I click compare both lister show all files, then after I click compare suddenly my source folder (mtp://) become blank and Dopus tell me that it will delete all files from destination folder. If I click F5 at source folder then all files are listed. Every time I click compare my source folder become blank. This only happened when I using my device as MTP, if I using as USB mass storage then no problem.


Is that meant to say (31 January 2013 edition) or are you using an earlier version, e.g.

MTP sync was broken before but should work now in, although we don't have an LG Optimus 2X or CyanogenMod 10 device to test that specific combination.

Make sure your synchronize is going in the right direction (check the actual source and destination paths in the Synchronize panel, not just the source and destination file displays). Also, the Hide unaffected files option could be the cause of the file display appearing blank after the compare has been run.

Sorry for miss information. I'm using ver (31 January 2013). As you suggested I already un-check 'Hide unaffected files' and my 'bug' is cleary seen.

this is after I click compare. It's says 280 files want to be deleted

And for my sync setting is :

Unexpected result :

Directory opus want to delete local files which exists in MTP device. Both files exists in MTP and have same timestamp but Dopus want to delete my local file

Hope with this I clear the miss understanding. In case you don't have the device I willingly to help, just give me tutorial how to produce debug log which required by your team.

Thanks for the additional information, I have been able to reproduce this now and it appears to be a problem with the "Delete files from destination that don't exist in the source" option. We'll fix this in the next update - in the meantime you should turn that option off when synchronizing with MTP devices.

Ok thanks, I will wait till next update

I'm using USB mass storage mode meanwhile for syncing

I'm also having MTP problems that may be related. I'm running a Verizon Galaxy Nexus (the "toro" version) with CyanogenMod 10. Windows 7 Pro x64 + DO

Problem: I can't copy files to the phone from my computer with Directory Opus. It either just hangs, or sometimes gives a "can't write to device" error.

It works fine using boring old Windows Explorer. It's been working fine with previous versions of Directory Opus. I'm not doing syncing or anything fancy, just simple drag and drop copying over.

May be you can try with another USB cable and different USB port. As for me there is no trouble of copying data, but some folder have slow file listing if there is a lot file.

If it's not help then you can try to re-install your ROM ?

Sync issues is fixed with

I've moved your new, separate issue to a thread of its own: MTP external SD card folders appear twice in tree.

OS: Windows 7x64
DO version: (4848)

I've just experienced a Synchronization failure where the option to "Delete files in the destination that don't exist in the source" didn't. DO shows 1700 files to delete in the destination but deletes none of them. If I repeat the Sync, same number of files to delete.

Does this relate to MTP? (If not, please start a new thread.)

Either way, we need more detail to explain or investigate what you saw. Please provide as much detail as you can, including information on the source and destination folders (and the types of devices they are on), and examples of files in the source and destination that you think the wrong action was applied to (including any relevant attributes, like their date and time stamps, sizes, names, etc.) as well as full details of how the Sync panel was configured.