MTP transfer problems

Hello :slight_smile:

I have hesitated a long time before i decide to ask, because i think that it is a problem on my OS (Win7) and not DO, but i want to be sure :
When i try to connect an MTP device (Galaxy Note 2 or HTC Desire HD smartphones), i have hazardous results :
Sometimes the root is empty, sometimes i can see the root but not what's inside (seem to be empty). It acts like if the connection was lost.
What i can say, it's when i meet those problems and i try another soft (the device still connected), the problem is still there.
If i connect my device, DO closed and i open the other soft, it works much better.

Even with this fact, i am not sure that DO is the problem, can you help me anyway ?

You can tell me how i could help you to help me :slight_smile: (debug mode, logs etc)

Thanks in advance...

Comparing against what Windows Explorer shows is the best way to see if the problem is specific to Opus or not.

If the device works all the time in Explorer but not in Opus then there might be a problem with Opus, but if it's not always working in Explorer either, then it's to do with the device or how the device is being used. (e.g. Some phones will stop showing files if they are locked. Some have problems working with MTP at all (sometimes fixed by newer firmwares).)

Thanks for your reply Leo...

With explorer, it works like with the others soft i tried :
When DO is opened, it is really buggy in Explorer too, but when DO is closed, it works much better in explorer, but it is not perfect (sometimes it takes more time to access folders, while DO shows nothing).
Anyway, i feel that it nevers works perfectly, with DO, Explorer or anything else, but it is really unusable ("inutilisable" in french) with DO.

PS : Just in case you are reading my post and you own a samsung smartphone without UMS (Mass Storage), you can install "SGS3 Easy UMS" to get it back (it has to be rooted with busybox).

I've found my phone's MTP usually works OK but is sometimes unreliable in both Opus and Explorer. Using it in both at once probably aggravates things, as there's more for the phone to get confused about.

Sometimes it works great but at other times I have to keep unplug/re-plugging, locking/unlocking the phone until it'll show up in anything (even if Opus isn't running). Sometimes I have to reboot the phone before it'll work again in either program. While it usually works, it happens often enough that I normally use FTP to copy files off the phone instead (with the bonus that I can do that over wifi without plugging a cable in). I still use MTP for large files, though.

(I'm using a Nexus 4, so completely stock Android, latest version.)

You can set Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: mtp_enable = False in Opus to make it fall back on the same code that Explorer uses, FWIW.

As soon as i fixed mtp_enable = False, it works nearly perfectly now, thank you Leo !
If one day you wish to dig the problem, i'll be there to beta test :slight_smile: