Multi Button Question

I'm going to try making my own multi level(?) button but have some questions before I start. Firstly I will be working with rename scripts within the button which I want to embed the code within the button and not use presets. Is it possible to make multi buttons using vbscript? Can I mix script languages in the one button? - I don't mean within a single function but can different functions within one button use different script languages? Does anyone know of an example button I could view to learn more from?
Thanks for any help you can give.


You can use VBScript same way you would use it in DOS. Just create a custom button executing DOS-commands (you can also supress the DOS-Window if you want it to run in background).

It's no problem to execute different commands within a button. See also the sync-option if an operation needs to be completed before next one will be executed.

You can find examples in "buttons & toolbars" section here.

If we're talking about rename scripts, there's no need for MSDOS commands.

(Actually, there's no need even if we're talking about external vbscripts as they don't have to be run via command prompts either.)

Oops, I use VBScript in one button and after looking at it this executes CScript as external program. So my mistake.

I already know I can use vbscript code imbedded in a button but I only know how to add simple code to a button with one function - not how to use it in drop down (multi function) buttons.
For example could the script at TitleCasePlus - cleanup & smartly capitalise be embedded in a button rather than using presets as the author does? Is there an example of a button that does something similar to this - I have searched but could not find anything like it.


Editing buttons within menus and menu-buttons is no different to editing normal buttons.

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