Multi-line button labels

Is it possible to create multi-line button labels? Currently I have a lot of buttons in my toolbar and the length of the label texts makes my buttons not fit into my screen. Is there a way to make my button labels display multi-line? Something like me setting what text to wrap to the next line.

I don't think there is currently, sorry.

Any updates to enable using an escape sequence (e.g. \n) to enable multi-line button labels? If not, is this something that could be added in a future release?

Note: I find the toolbars to be increasingly helpful in Windows 11. Having multi-line labels would be awesome! Multi-Line-Button Labels

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Still single-line only. Not something many people have asked for over the years, from memory.

I've asked about that before. Multi-line labels would indeed be awesome.

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Great idea - it would save space. So my request as well.

I too would really like multi line labels. As long labels on verticle toolbars make the toolbar the width of the label.