Multi line floating toolbar keeps resetting/resizing

I've been testing DOpus for a couple of days, and it is by FAR the best "file manager" I've ever tried (file manager in quotes because I think it can replace the shell 95% of the time, just have to learn how to script all I want it to do! :smiley:)

But I have a strange problem... or maybe it's expected behavior and I'm too stupid....
(Searched the forum, but didn't find any topics regarding my problem... I think!)

I have a horizontal floating toolbar resized so it shows two lines of icons, see screenshot1


No Lock
If I resize the toolbar as shown in screenshot 1, and then right-click and choose "Customize", it resets to one line as shown in screenshot 2

Lock Position
If I enable "Lock Position" it stays as shown in screenshot 1 even if I click "Customize".
That is, until the next time DOpus starts (ie right-click "Exit Directory Opus" in the tray icon, start it again).
If I then click "Customize" it resets, screenshot 2.

I have tried saving the toolbar (right-click the toolbar, "Save") but it still keeps resetting.

This is on Windows 8 Pro x64, and with screen resolution 5760 x 1080 (three 24" monitors connected to an nVidia adapter in Surround Mode, ie the desktop spans all three monitors).
And, since Microsoft in its infinite wisdom removed the start menu I've installed "Classic Start Menu".

Appreciate any feedback, pointers and shedding of light! :smiley:


I think the issue is that when the drag grip appears on the left of the toolbar it causes it to reevaluate its layout (tho there may be other cases that also do this).

I don't know of a good solution at the moment. We mainly use floating toolbars as single rows, usually docked to the edge of the screen, which avoids the issue.

I looked into changing the layout code to make it handle fully floating toolbars with multiple rows on a single toolbar, but it ended up being really complex and has been left as is for now (since few people use them).

Thank you for a quick answer!

I see your point, and its not a "problem" that keeps me awake at night :smiley:


And it works extremely well like this.

We all like the software to fit in with how we want to work – and why not? – but if you can live with this approach, you may have less trouble.

One thought, though, if you want two rows of stuff, think about creating two separate floating tool bars. I haven't tried this, but, as a dual-monitor user, it prompts me to think about having two detached toolbars and docking one to one screen and one to the other screen.

Anything to make life more complicated.

Amen to that brother! :smiley:

I already have 15 toolbars (programs, folders, links to virtual machines etc), and thats before scripts, have to learn it first.

As I mentioned I would like to see if DOpus can for all practical purposes replace the shell/start-menu,
and I like having the main windows as toolbar free as possible on the center display, and floating toolbars on the left and right ones.

Btw, the "Keep On Top - Opus Only" is an option of pure genius. Alt-tab to DOpus, all toolbars visible, alt-tab back...all toolbars GONE!


We will definitely try to improve floating toolbar layout in a future version.

Thank you, looking forward to it.