Multiline toolbar (customizable)

the repeated request from our former users and from me
for a multi-line toolbar has existed since version 10.

if you had created a long toolbar on your system with a high resolution (4k, 3840x2160)
and now use it as a portable version on another system with a smaller resolution (hd, 1920x1080)
this was then displayed with an arrow and a long scrollbar.

the changed display in version13 of the arrows per toolbar (no scrolling) is already better :blush:
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the selection/display of the remaining icons looks very strange, depending on the type created!
it would be better again if the non-visible icons would automatically slide into a multiple line.

a creation for a kind of "ribbon menu" is therefore also not feasible
my intention then as now was to create a bar by section (copy/move etc.).

from so

to so (2 lines or more)

can be created with floating.

but cannot be used as a normal toolbar within the lister.
or is it possible?

my current attempt
is often only possible with spacers due to the different symbol widths
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would also have the advantage that you only have to change the background color once instead of each icon individually.
the current gaps cannot receive a color because the spacer does not allow editing?

If you assign a background color to a button, it only affects that button.

The toolbar itself can also have its background changed.

Spacers use the toolbar's background, since they're just empty space.

because of the recoloring of the bar, 6 more would have to be created for the 3 existing ones.
the alignment for this is badly solved, 1 pixel off and it no longer fits
only possible with tricks
for the planned project, that would be more than 35 bars (dopus collapses?) :blush:
for the multiline it would currently only be 7

If you know the widths of each section, you could make a background image with colored stripes to achieve that from a single toolbar per row. (Although that obviously wouldn't work if we added line-wrapping toolbars one day.)

ok, also a possibility

the option is not suitable :frowning:
due to the import to another device with a different resolution
the color bar does not fit (distances are too long)
the display was also no longer correct
so everything goes back to setting the color per icon and a different display so that it fits somewhere else.