Multipe hide filters

Is there any way to have multiple hide filters at one time for a folder?

I can't seem to figure out a single regular expression that covers both file formats.

The first file type is .* i.e. .example.txt
The second file type is .~ i.e. example.txt~

Most of my folders have both types of files. I can easily filter out either format... but can't manage to filter both (at the same time)!

Any help is appreciated.

You do not need a regular expression, just the correct DOpus pattern match. To hide both .txt files and files whose extensions end with ~ try entering this in the hide files box:


The trick in the above is to escape the tilde ~ with a ' as normally the tilde means "not" in a DOpus pattern match.

The second type of filter isn't the extension "txt", it is files beginning with a "." (dot).

My Mac, with Tiger 10.4, saves a file starting with a "." for each file it moves to an external thumbdrive.

So for every file resume.txt there is a file called .resume.txt that contains meta-data.

These two expressions:

.* and .~

work perfectly. I just would like to combine them somehow.

Oops my mistake, I thought you wanted to filter out .txt files in the first example.

Try this instead: