Multiple file specs in name matching box

in ver 9 in the Find, Simple tab, Name Matching box
how do i enter several file specs like

i tried separating with a semicolon and the pipe character
thank you


I think this will do what you want?


seems a little involved for the task at hand, maybe that is why i can never remember that
... but Thank You !

oh and ktbcrash
it took me a minute but while yours is less readable i can see some benefits as it gets more involved

what about space characters? do the parens delimit the substring or do i need quotes ?
like will this work:
((my file*.dwg) | (your file *.pdf))

The two are not the same so it depends what you're trying to match:

((a*.pdf)|(1*.dwg)) will match .pdf files starting with a and .dwg files starting with 1
(a|1)*.(pdf|dwg) will match .pdf files starting with either a or 1, and .dwg files starting with either a or 1

yes i see that now about the difference between the two, could be useful though and is good to know

what about the space characters are they legal inside the parens or do they need to be quoted or something?

No spaces are just treated like any other character.

so the | is an OR
what character would i use for an AND ?
e.g. only files matching both
i did look in the help but didn't find that

Wildcards don't have 'AND' but you can use this instead:


(FWIW, when using Regular Expressions instead of Wildcards, there's another way which may be slightly better.)