Multiple folder creation

Currently this feature is not supported well enough. It's good for basic operation only on a very limited scale.

My sugestions.

  1. User can input a list of folder names in a pane either:
  • separated by comma
  • one name per line. * so user can paste the list from somewhere.
  1. Limit of the folder name lenght shopuld be be adjustable in preferences or the best it should have not limits at all.

  2. Limit of number of folders should not be set ( or user preference in Preferences)

  3. During folder creation a user can pick what other folder and files he would like to insert into new folders. This is the case when all selected folders and files are the same for all new folders.

I'm not aware of there being any hard limit to the 'number' of folders you can create at once...

If you give an example of exactly what you mean... I think there is a way to do this with Opus now... just not sure if I understand you correctly.

Afaik NTFS imposes limit of path component length to 255 (or so) characters (so that any file or folder name in a path cannot be longer than 255 chars). ALL path can be however 32678 characters (imposed by data type used to describe length).


In theory the edit control could filter the input and allow more characters to be typed if it detects you're creating more than one folder.

In practice, filtered edit controls are a massive pain to program and, I don't know about GPSoft, but I wouldn't want to do it, unless suitable code is already hanging around.

If I need to create a huge number of folders I would paste their names into a .bat file and use a TextPad (or $editor_of_choice) macro to turn each line into a mkdir. But that would get tedious if I had to do it every day, which I don't, but maybe qwqw does.