Multiple folders as one


I thought I already posted this, but something must have gone wrong.

Is there a way to display 2 folders merged in a lister (I looked into flat-mode since I thought that was what it did, but evidently not) and have a button for it....

Such as GO "C:\Music"&"E:\Music"

And this would display it as if it was one large folder.

Thanks for your help.

You'd have to copy the contents of the folders into a collection.

That's the ticket, thanks.

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I just had a look at that, and it looks good, but from what I see, if I copy a new file into one of my (for example) music folders, it will not be added to the collection.

The collection would need to be the dynamic sum of two locations.

Am I just being dumb?


Collections aren't dynamic.

This would be a very nice feature for some future version, though.

It would have been nice to use dynamic collections.
Do you have some news about this feature ? Did you make a feature request ?

By the way, is there a workaround to enable Flatview in a collection ?
I tried to add some folders as members in a collection and wanted to see them in flatview from the collection top level.

Flat View isn't enabled inside of collections.

I've seen that, but wouldn't be great to have it ?

I'd wouldn't use it myself but it's not me you have to convince, it's GPSoft.