Multiple folders creation

Whenever i try to create multiple folders I can create only 13 at a time. Is there any possibility to change this value and create as many as needed?

Are you always trying with a similar folder name pattern? I'm wondering if the issue is total/cumulative character length of the folder names you're trying to create...I just created 18 folders in one shot with the Create multiple folders (comma-separated) option enabled.

I use diferrent names for each folder, I just separate them with commas. I do not ususally type in, but instead i paste a list and then separate the names with commas.
I find that this feature should have more options such as you can insert the folder names at once ( one name per line).

This is a very good idea but Currently this feature is very weak in my opinion and solves the multiple folder creation problem only on a very low scale.

So... is there a 'problem' you'd like help solving or getting to the root cause of, or do you want to make some feature requests :question:. There are forums here for both, as well as places on the GPSoft website to make official support requests and program suggestions.

Any feedback to the 'character length' limit idea... I just created 25 folders (each 1 character in name length) from pasted text nad had no problem.