Multiple Folders Synchronize

Right now I need to individually select Source and Destination folders and synchronize them one by one.
This is a bit of a workload.


what about being able to either tag a number of source-folders and destination folders and then run
(suggested layout wud be like when clicking on the "compare" button and drive X:\ and Y:\ are
in the source and destination: DO starts to bring up 2 windowpanels in a split second,
however then it starts to read drive contents.
the layout wud then be the same, but without reading all the drive contents)


being able to drag and drop source and destination folder into separate window panels and run synchronize.

(in both cases I shd be able to name the synchronize set and be able to edit it later, delete/add folders)

Now maybe this IS already possible, I don't know, I have not found the solution sofar.


You can do that by saving a Lister Layout once you have all of your lister(s) set the way you want.

How would Opus know which pairs of folders to sync?


being able to drag and drop source and destination folder into separate window panels and run synchronize.[/quote]
You mean so that you could drop single folders on to the Source and Destination fields in the sync panel to set the folders? That seems sensible. (I'm surprised it doesn't already let you and had to check that. I guess nobody thought of it before.)

Regret I am not familiar with Lister-Layouts. :cry:
Would not have the faintest idea how to set this up really.

Actually I would think of tagging the folders, i.e. in the left window tag
foldernames a,b,c, etc. and tag the same folders in the right windowpanel.
DO to alert users when foldernames are not identical.

It is just a suggestion, but surely other users have better / more workable solutions.

Anyway, bottomline the idea is to just be able to run synchronize on various folders in 1 'go'.

One might pull/import folders into a windowpanel and 'link' folders to each other and make that a synchronize configurationset.

Obviously it may not replace a backup-program, it is just a further enhancement of the present synchronization tool.


Have a look at MultiListers (video tutorial) in the Tutorials forum. It shows you how to use lister layouts and a bunch of other essentials. They're very straightforward.

I did have a look a MultiListers (video tutorial). I think though video may need some update to the current version of DO (?)

Some items are different, so before spending a lot of time on a 99,99% for sure unsuccessful attempt in trying to solve the matter myself, I stopped not knowing how to proceed.
(For a short moment I did try to find the solution myself though)

Anyway, I have submitted the idea to the developers, maybe they will think it over some time in future.


I did have a look a MultiListers (video tutorial). I think though video may need some update to the current version of DO (?)[/quote]
True, but the Preferences dialog haven't chnged that much and it now has a filter that allows you to find things really easily so don't let that put you off.

It looks like you found the Layouts page anyway so what's stopping from giving it a go? I don't think much else has changed in the way Layouts work.

The file menu in the video is a customised one with the Close All command added and some other stuff left over from my own configuration at the time. That stuff isn't in the default configuration for Opus 8 or Opus 9 but you don't actually need to use any it either, so don't let that put you off. The Close All menu item was just added so that I could easily close all the windows at once for the purposes of the video. It's no different to closing one after the other.

Ok I think I have a solution or at least a suggestion.

If anyone here has ever used dreamweaver it has a beautiful syncronize feature that is much nicer than what DO is doing right now.

Any way heres the main thing I would like to see in DO

suppose I have two folders i want to sync. But in that folder there are certain folders I would like to ignore. In dreamweaver you can "CLOAK" certain folders from being included in the sync.

The way I see it, this could be easily implemented in DO's filters where you could perhaps list the folders you would like to ignore or perhaps if there was a way to select what folders you would like to sync specifically and have the sync only apply to selected fodlers.

I think you can already exclude folders using a filter (use the Subfolder or Location clauses; one of them should work, though I haven't double-checked).

The UI isn't as nice as simply clicking a folder and excluding it though. If you want something like that then be sure to send a suggestion to GPSoftware.

(You can easily exclude folders once the comparison has been done, but then you still have to waste time comparing them and they get in the way of the other items.)