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Multiple functions from double-clicking file display BG

For everyday common tasks...and/or

If you want new keybinding and not sure what to set them as, or it makes you strech your hand into uncomfortable position. this is for you!

Directory Opus has the option to basically turn the lister file display background into a giant button, which requires double clicking.

Labeled, "Double-click on file display background", found here.
Preferences -> File Displays -> Options

At first you might think you only have one function to execute, this is true. But the @keydown modifier allow a block of the function to run, allowing us more options to do separate/unrelated task within the same function. A block of the function would be the lines following the @keydown modifier until it hits another @keydown modifier, or the end of the function. And @keydown:common gets run everytime along with the qualifier parts.

With the available key qualifiers from @keydown it gives you 7 unique key combinations. Along with the default double click, that is 8. So not only is this Giant button huge there might as well be 8 of them!
(FYI: I tried win key qualifier, didn't work)

I've included all the qualifier combinations as a template for you to copy as it will assist you if you decide to set it up (and a few common commands)... Below example needs to be created in a User-defined command found under the command tab in customize dialog.

Go /desktop
Clipboard SET {sourcepath$|noterm}

Last but not least, you'll need to setup opus to point to user cmd, again
Preferences -> File Displays -> Options

Very handy. Something else I didn't know Opus could do! :smiley:

Regards, AB

Interesting, but it took me some time to unravel the instructions.

Where to put "a User-defined command found under the command tab in customize dialog".

"Customize Toolbars".


"User-defined Commands".

Add new User Command

Then paste in the code and adjust accordingly.

Maybe everyone knews this instinctively, but there might be someone else out there who is as slow as I am.

I'll leave it for later to sort out what I have done wrong in this process, and why I just get a bunch of errors. Windows cannot find '@keydown:none'

I discovered why you are having that issue. If you use the select all link above the code box and copy it for some reason puts a bunch of spaces before all the code, the spaces cant be there.

If you select it manually without the select all link, it will copy w/o the spaces.

I have changed it to prevent it from happening again. no more code box...